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Outline of the Course_____

Master of Science (MS) in Communication Engineering is a two-year graduate course tailored to students aspiring to work in an advanced engineering field at an international level.

The MS in Communication Engineering offers Italian and international students a unique opportunity. First of all, it provides sound knowledge and methodology in an area which is experiencing an impressive technological innovation and is likely to continue this trend for many years to come. Furthermore, it allows international students to improve their command of the English language in a professional context. All lectures and seminars are held in English, so that students may practice the language in its technical terminology, while learning about current technology. The course offers the chance to work towards an advanced qualification and also acquire advanced language skills throughout the two-year course.

Communication Engineering has a solid tradition at the University of Parma. In the last decades the Department of Information Engineering has been active in research in all three areas of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), namely, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Communications, and related fields. The Department coordinates both advanced research and graduate studies. The research activity is carried on by several groups often in collaboration with foreign universities and renowned international institutions. The Department also provides scientific and technical consulting to industries, firms and public institutions in Italy and abroad. The MS in Communication Engineering has been offered in Italian since the early Nineties, in parallel with international-level research in Digital, Wireless and Optical Communications. Beginning with the academic year 2012-2013, the program has been offered entirely in English.

The MS in Communication Engineering is designed for candidates from different academic backgrounds and aims to provide a thorough grounding in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The main goal of the course is to provide advanced insight into the current ICT technology, while simultaneously emphasizing a methodological approach to the analysis and design of complex systems - an essential ability in a fast moving world.

The first year of the course provides the sound and fundamental background tools of the Communication Engineer, but also leaves significant space to interdisciplinary learning by allowing the student to attend courses from other Engineering, Physics or Economics programmes. The second year focuses on specific advanced disciplines within Communication Engineering and a final thesis work. The final examination consists of a public defense of a written theoretical or experimental thesis, focusing on a theme consistent with the subjects of the degree course.

All students, both Italian and foreign, will gain advantages in terms of employment. Today, advanced knowledge on ICT needs to be complemented by language skills for access to many professions, and an advanced knowledge of English can open up opportunities for young people in Italy and abroad. Graduates will be trained to work in companies challenging the global technology competition, in multinational corporations, European and supranational organizations and national and regional institutions operating internationally.

Parma is an ideal destination for foreign students. Famous for its art and history, the city also offers a high level of public services. It is small enough for the local people to be welcoming and friendly, but large enough to host important cultural events. The way of life is pleasant and there are many bars and cafés, parks and piazzas, as well as clubs and societies for leisurely activities.

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